Letter to Residents 3/23/20

Letter to Residents 3/23/20

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Letter to Paulsboro Residents

On behalf of the Mayor & Council and our Emergency Management Team, we know and understand that potential exposure to COVID-19 can be concerning; however, now is the time for preparedness and not panic. Paulsboro is committed to protecting our residents, staff, and the entire community throughout this public health concern while maintaining all emergency and public services. Borough representatives will continue to remain in contact with health care professionals to determine any and all actions moving forward and will update the community as information becomes available. Accordingly, we want to thank our medical and emergency response professionals who are on the front line in this battle. We thank all the physicians, nurses, EMTs, Fire, Police, and caregivers who are out there every day. Keep in mind, they are also dealing with every other medical emergency that arises on a daily basis, let alone this fight. There are also so many people out there providing services like groceries and all essential services and our employees who are keeping government operating to provide services. We thank all of you.

So far, there are no reported cases in Paulsboro, but it is coming here, and actually, we should all presume it is here and act accordingly. Do not let your guard down. We are through the first full week here, and we need to keep fighting. Local business owners and managers are severely struggling. Please support our local businesses.

Here at the Borough Administration office, we have closed all access to the Public to protect our workers. Essential services will be accommodated by appointment only. Please call (856)-423-1500. All Parks and Playground equipment are off limits. All Borough buildings remain closed to the public. Employees are staffing offices and continue to provide services remotely. Refer to the individual Department posting.

Please contact me at should you need food or any emergency items. I will do my best to get it to you. The Borough has many Volunteer and Groups that want to help. TOGETHER WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

Please follow all directions and protocols. Stay strong and vigilant. Help each other. Help our senior citizens and those in need.

Thank you.

Mayor Gary Stevenson & Borough Council

There is information on our website to get assistance as well as other websites to check out:

Contact the NJ Coronavirus Center hotline at 800-222-1222

Center for Disease Control website at

State Department of Health website at

Borough of Paulsboro website at