Public Works

Public Works

Herman Schoch

Foreman/Maintenance Supervisor
Certified Public Works Director (CPWM)
Certified Recycling Coordinator (CRP)
Clean Communities Coordinator
TRICO JIF Safety Coordinator
Right To Know Coordinator
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Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management in Paulsboro is handled by our Public Works Department.

Municipal Stormwater Management Plan

Paulsboro Outfall Map

Respecting and protecting our water is everyone’s responsibility. The New Jersey DEP has educational resources available online for all to learn what you can do to protect our water and prevent stormwater runoff pollution:

For understanding water monitoring standards, it is important to know the total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) information for streams, lakes, and shellfish directly relevant to Paulsboro. These documents are available online through the NJDEP Division of Water Quality.

Please familiarize yourself with the Borough of Paulsboro Codes and Ordinances relevant to stormwater management and control.

Chapter 68: Stormwater Control

Chapter 9: Animals and Shelters

Chapter 35A: Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 38: Garbage, Recycling, Rubbish, Refuse and Yard Waste

Chapter 40B: Litter

Chapter 61: Sewers

Chapter 61A: Storm Sewer System

Chapter 69: Street Openings and Excavations

Chapter 74: Trailers and Camp Cars