Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Michael Liciardello

Emergency Management Coordinator


Michael Liciardello, Fire Chief, Coordinator(856) 423-1500

Police Chief Gary Kille, Deputy Coordinator

Police Captain Kenneth Ridinger, Deputy Coordinator

Herman Schoch, 911 Coordinator


To ensure the complete and efficient utilization of all of the Borough's facilities to combat disaster resulting from emergencies, natural or man made or nuclear disaster or enemy attack.

To protect life and property during emergencies by coordinating response activities of municipal and volunteer entities to ensure their optimum use.

To provide for actions to be taken, to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency.

To provide training with all departments for use in designing future improvements, preventing and concluding possible disaster, potential harm and litigation.

To establish laws, ordinances, resolutions and procedures, which will provide safety and promote immediate response to emergency situations.

To coordinate within the borough employees and volunteers that will be available at moments notice to carryout emergency operations.

To hold a regular meeting of the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

To record and investigate hazardous material spills.

To update and record changes in the Borough's Emergency Operations Plan, as required by the County and State.

And to work with the Greater Paulsboro and Gibbstown Advisory Panel, on subjects such as shelter in place, and other emergency measures to protect the residents of the Borough.